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Car Rear View Monitor System Wide Field Of View
Nov 06, 2017

The earliest, in the car or outside the mirror set mirror (inside mirror, outside mirror). Car Rear View Monitor System The rear-view mirror of the car reflects the rear, Car Rear View Monitor System side and bottom of the car so that drivers can indirectly see these positions. It serves as a "second eye" and expands the driver's field of view.

Rearview mirror to install the location of the division, divided into external rearview mirrors, rearview mirrors and rearview mirrors. General Mirror There are two main mirror, one is the plane mirror, as the name suggests, the mirror is flat, the term is described as "surface radius of curvature R infinity," which is the same with the average family mirror, you can get the same size with the visual image This kind of plane mirror is commonly used as inner rearview mirror. The other is a convex mirror, the mirror is spherical, Car Rear View Monitor System with different sizes of the radius of curvature, its image than the visual small, but the field of view, as the camera "wide-angle lens" role, this convex mirror is commonly used as outside mirrors And the rearview mirror. Passenger cars and other light passenger vehicles are generally fitted with exterior mirrors and interior rear-view mirrors. Large commercial vehicles (buses and large trucks) are generally fitted with exterior rear view mirrors, Car Rear View Monitor System under rear view mirrors and interior rear view mirrors. The main purpose is to reduce the possibility of collision between the vehicle body and the outside world during driving lane change, parking and reversing, thereby increasing the service life of the vehicle. However, Car Rear View Monitor System these original ideas also provide the third party security outside the vehicle to avoid being Car crash.

However, in fact, the driving perspectives and messages provided by the three mirrors may not be able to meet the driver's demand for driving safety. In particular, Car Rear View Monitor System there is a large blind spot behind the vehicle when reversing the vehicle. Therefore, reversing radar began to appear.

Reversing radar full name is "reversing collision avoidance radar", Car Rear View Monitor System also known as "parking assistance device" is a car parking or reversing safety aids, the ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as the probe), controller and display (or buzzer) And other components. Car Rear View Monitor System Can inform the driver of obstacles around the driver with sound or more intuitive display, Car Rear View Monitor System relieve distress caused by the driver's parking, reversing and start-up of the vehicle, and help the driver remove the blind spot and blurred vision Defects, improve driving safety.