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Car Rear View Monitor System Select Product Features
Nov 02, 2017

Car rear view monitoring system, reversing rear view system, vehicle monitoring system, the earliest use in the bus, bus, easy to see the driver in the door and reversing the situation, is now widely used in all kinds of vehicles (such as bus Trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, forklifts, law enforcement vehicles, communications vehicles, escorts, harvesters, agricultural vehicles, corn machines, sightseeing cars, etc.).

Although it is widely used in a variety of vehicles, a lot of manufacturers, product quality is also uneven, and the industry does not have a specific standard for customer reference, resulting in many customers after installation, and did not achieve the desired effect. According to the requirements of customers, I have years of experience, summed up: how to choose the car rear view system products.

First of all to introduce the car rear view system, reverse rear view system products and the composition of the principle.

Principle: The car rear view system is the first reversing radar improved by the car mounted in the rear of the car camera to take the rear of the screen, through the transmission line to the signal installed in the driving position of the car display, through the image of the way Display the obstacle around the vehicle situation, by expanding the driver's vision to help the driver around the vehicle situation, the timely detection of obstacles, thereby increasing the driving safety factor, auxiliary driver safety reversing products.

How to choose the car Rear view system products, a few elements: (here is the speaker is 24V cart reversing system)

1, the working voltage range: the working voltage range is the key to determine the car rear view system, because once the power circuit problems, ranging from burning car display, camera, while the car is burned on the car. The voltage is 24V, in general, the voltage to adapt to the wider the better, there are several on the market: First, the working voltage is 12V, the need for customers to buy their own regulator, this configuration products, there is a big Hidden due to different products of the working voltage range and current are different, and most of the regulator on the market are not standardized, the working voltage, output current, circuit protection, etc. may be associated with different manufacturers of products , The use of the effect and stability are different, the use of this 12V Rear view system, have used for some time, there have been burned out of the display, the camera situation.

Second, the working voltage is 24V, it is just based on the car's voltage design, this configuration products, there are some disadvantages, because the vehicle voltage fluctuation range is very large, especially when the cold start, Sometimes the voltage is only a dozen volts, and sometimes voltage reached twenty-eight volts, such as the use of some configuration products, there is a large range of voltage fluctuations, there can not boot, or white, crash, the same machine burn the situation.

Third, the working voltage is 11 ~ 32V, it is designed specifically for a variety of vehicles, to solve any situation in the vehicle voltage requirements, is also the most professional products.

2, the screen color and clarity: image clarity is also decided to reverse the system product selection of a factor, which depends on the car camera, car display, the current market, car camera main chip, divided into two categories: 1, CMOS Chip, 2, CCD chip. CMOS is mainly used in the field of low image quality, its advantages are manufacturing costs, power consumption is lower than the CCD, the drawback is the CMOS camera on the high requirements of the light source, picture quality and color is poor, especially at night, the image screen difference. ; CCD, is used in photography, photography, high-end image of the field, with a clear picture of the picture, vivid colors, low illumination, good imaging at night and so on. Can be based on customer requirements to the customer configuration. Followed by car monitors, analog screen and digital screen, but the naked eye is difficult to distinguish it.

3, seismic performance: the vehicle environment is different from the security environment, security places, is a fixed static state, and the car above, the daily non-stop movement, a great shock, the market has security products are also used in the car Above, playing price war, a short time will not appear bad situation, a long time, there are many different aspects of the impact, thereby affecting product life.

4, the installation structure: the elements of the system products, the current market, RCA interface, BNC interface, air interface, RCA interface and BNC interface are security on the interface for the car above, vibration, long working hours , And prone to poor contact with the situation, the aviation interface is supporting the depot, with shock, water, anti-interference and so on.

5, a full match: the car display and camera signal match, and some dealers or business, is the owner to take the monitor, West take the camera, put together to install, the most common color distortion, the signal does not match the situation, which The number of black and white reversing system CMOS camera is the most obvious, because the signal does not match, there is the picture shaking, flash situation. Professional reversing rear view system, it is necessary to monitor and camera a full set of supporting detection to ensure that the signal does not match the color distortion of the situation.

Guangzhou Yu Hong Electronics Co., Ltd., is a collection research and development, production and sales of automotive safety electronic products as one of the private high-tech enterprises. After years of research and development, innovation in the domestic devaluation of a full set of 24V intelligent reversing monitoring system, and with night vision, wide angle car camera for luxury cars and large and small cars. A large number of export products, exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asian markets. Committed to the domestic Yutong, Jinlong, Neoplan, Ankai and other well-known domestic automobile manufacturers supporting services.

Left, steering wheel killed, over, back a little, down, down, down, come a little, ok, stop! "I believe that the owners in the parking berth, have been such a" warm greeting. "Although sometimes feel that they immediately hit the back, artificial tips, as always, let you" down ", it is inevitable psychological drum. The car after the blind area caused by traffic accidents in China accounted for about 30%, the United States 20%. No wonder many novice is not afraid to drive, afraid of parking, a parking on the rush. Although there are reversing radar, but the car after the children, And can not be reversed radar identification, easily lead to accidents.

This latest R & D rear view system intuitive, clear, to the majority of riders bring great convenience. It allows the driver in real time in the car to monitor both sides of the car and the rear of the video screen situation, to avoid accidents and theft occurred, reversing the driver's third eye, the driver after all the drivers can The monitor is very clear, to avoid the reversing the driver can not see the car after the situation and the occurrence of a car accident, so that the driver more secure car, from no longer need to help reverse the "lively" situation.