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Car Rear View Mirror Rear View Range And Perspective
Nov 06, 2017

If you are still stubbornly thinking that a car rear-view mirror is the driver's "second eye" and is just an ordinary mirror to expand the driver's field of view, then I can only regret to tell you that you are " Two "it. You want to think, science and technology development is so rapid, the automotive industry is booming, Car Rear View Mirror then the rearview mirror will be so simple before the rearview mirror it?

Since it is a rearview mirror, then expand the horizons of the basic skills or to do a solid, powerful. By changing the shape of the rearview mirror, increase the area to expand the field of vision, Car Rear View Mirror the effect of doing so after all, is limited. This method in addition to the large car used in the "rabbit-ear rear-view mirror," and other models, the role is not to say, no one is willing to look at their own car Car Rear View Mirror pulled two huge "rabbit ears."

The principle of convex mirror, Car Rear View Mirror surely we are no strangers. The convex mirror at the corner of some roads provides us with a good view of the other. That is because the convex mirror makes the rear view object narrowed, so the rear view range and angle of view have been expanded. The once-appearing approach was to attach a small convex mirror directly to the side mirror. However, from the outside, it is indeed too ugly, but also easily removed (Xiaobian old Santana had encountered), Car Rear View Mirror in addition, Car Rear View Mirror it can not truly reflect the size of the car behind the object and the actual distance, so this approach Soon suffered a market abandoned ruthlessly. However, the advantages of the convex mirror have been reflected in another technology, which is the hyperbolic mirror technology.

The principle of hyperbolic mirror technology: According to the model, the driver's eye position and the relative position of the mirror, visual field requirements of the three elements, Car Rear View Mirror the use of optical principles and data methods, the vehicle around the different viewing angles of different choice of different radius of curvature and smooth transition. In this way, we can further broaden our horizons and reduce the blind spots while meeting the basic conditions of no distortion, Car Rear View Mirror not only meeting the mandatory national standards but also solving the blind spots. In addition, the use of the mirror in the design of the dividing line approach to alert the driver curvature surface only for the general observation of the car after the security in the rear view of the design is an innovative progress, Car Rear View Mirror but the manufacturing process is more complex and expensive to manufacture .

Hyperbolic mirror mirrors, Car Rear View Mirror the middle 2/3 of the area with a flat mirror, the outer 1/3 of the area with a large convex convex mirror, so that drivers can see the car after a panoramic view to eliminate the blind spot when turning, Vision has tripled. On the one hand, it is better to make up for the flat scope of rear view mirror is too small, in addition, Car Rear View Mirror due to its convex part of the larger radius of curvature (about SR2000), Car Rear View Mirror so basically solve the distortion problem.

Both to ensure that the rear view mirror compact appearance, but also for the driver to provide a more open field of vision, but also to solve the problem of convex distortion, Car Rear View Mirror so the hyperbolic mirror technology, the car rearview mirror technology is a well-deserved non-crown king.