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Car Rear View Mirror How To Eliminate The Blind Angle
Nov 02, 2017

The rear view mirror is located on the left and right sides of the car's head, which is in front of the car. Auto rearview mirror mirror car rear, side, and at the bottom of the situation, make drivers can indirectly look at these locations, it plays the role of "the second eye", expanded the driver's field of vision.

The rear view mirror of a car is an important safety piece, and its mirror, shape and control are very particular. The quality and installation of rearview mirror have corresponding industry standard.

The rear-view mirror is divided into the installation position, which has the external rearview mirror, the lower rearview mirror and the rearview mirror. The external rearview mirror reflects the rear side of the car. The lower rear-view mirror reflects the rear part of the car, and the rear view mirror reflects the rear and the car. The use is different, the mirror structure will also be different. Generally there are two main types of rearview mirror mirror, one kind is flat mirror, just as its name implies is flat mirror, in terms of expression is "infinite" surface curvature radius R, the average family in the same way as a mirror, can be obtained with the visual images with the same size, the plane mirror used to do in the rearview mirror. The other is a convex mirror, mirror is spherical, with a radius of curvature of different size, the image is smaller than visual, but wide field of vision, as if the camera "wide-angle lens" role, this convex mirror commonly used do outside rearview mirror and rearview mirror. The car and other light passenger vehicles generally assemble the external rearview mirror and the internal rearview mirror, and the large commercial vehicles (large buses and large vans) generally assemble the external rearview mirror, the lower rearview mirror and the rearview mirror


How to eliminate the blind Angle

Many people think that to eliminate the Angle of sight, the left and right rearview mirror should be moved or lowered. In addition, studies have found that may be in order to maintain a neat appearance at any time, may be the love of beauty, there are also many drivers the central rearview mirror adjustment can picture to himself, and these are all wrong.

A normal driver can see about 200 degrees left and right, in other words, about 160 degrees out of sight without looking back. Three tiny mirrors can cover the rest of the 160 degrees, which is too "hard"; In fact, the left and right rearview mirror and the central rearview mirror can only provide the visual range of about 60 degrees, so what should we do with the remaining 100?

It's easy, just look back!

While driving to "all eyes and all ears", on the one hand, to concentrate on the road, on the other hand to use corner by car rearview mirror observation vehicle left, right, and the latter, in all aspects of the comprehensive collection of information, to ensure driving safety. For the forward situation, it is convenient to observe. On the left, right and rear, the rear view mirror must be used.

A car rear-view mirror should be installed on the left, right and inside of the vehicle. The position Angle should be adjusted to the model.

Second, the car before the start, the driver must pass the car rearview mirror to observe suitability for behind the car to follow up and other traffic situations, can quickly make accurate judgment and handling, if blindly start, may cause scratches.

3. Driving in a multi-lane road, the vehicle often changes lanes, and it is more important to observe the rear traffic condition at any time through the rear view mirror of the car. If you have a vehicle on the side that is overtaking yourself, don't go ahead.