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Car Accessories Rapid Promotion
Nov 06, 2017

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security of China, by the end of 2016, the National Motor vehicle holdings amounted to 290 million vehicles, of which 194 million vehicles, Car Accessories the new registration volume and annual increment have been refreshed the highest history;

This view is also evidenced by the steady growth in car sales figures in recent years. China's automobile Industry Association released data shows that in 2016, China's car sales reached 28.119 million vehicles and 28.028 million vehicles, year-on-year growth of 14.5% and 13.7%, Car Accessories higher than the same period of 11.2 and 9%. The real growth rate in 2016 exceeded the 6% per cent forecast for the auto market in early 2016.

The rapid increase of automobile production and sales has led to the steady growth of the OEM market of auto parts, while the rear market of automobiles has been booming. According to statistics, in 2016, China's car market after the scale of 880 billion yuan, is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2017. Car Accessories The future market will continue to bullish, in 2021 to achieve a sales scale of $1.654 trillion.

In the face of broad market prospects, since 2014, many factories have also begun to focus on the potential of the car after the market, Car Accessories have accelerated the layout of the movement, Car Accessories Volkswagen, BMW, Beijing Hyundai, Shanghai GM and other manufacturers have tried water aftermarket market. From "Shanghai GM acquisition AC deco", "BMW self-built 2S Fast repair shop", "Volkswagen plans to build 1200 fast-repair shops in China," Dongfeng Nissan launched Okcare fast repair shop "," Guangzhou Honda launched Joy Fast Repair shop "and other actions not difficult to see, the whole plant has been shot, affiliated independent chain stores, Car Accessories sales accessories outside the field. At the same time, auto parts manufacturers in the post market to further increase development efforts, not to mention

However, although the host plant, dealers in the field of automotive sales have accumulated rich experience and ability, but in the face of the automotive aftermarket, they may lack of experience, especially the $unit channel aftermarket, by the brand after the new market model, Car Accessories independent market expansion and the rise of electricity channels, and many other challenges, Car Accessories Competitive pressures are great. In the future, we want to gain a foothold in the automobile market, and pay attention to the demand of consumers and improve their management level.

In addition to the great value of brand protection and digital marketing, "one thing, one yard" also makes the enterprise internal channel control more efficient, can cover production, warehousing, Car Accessories logistics and other links, with the enterprise systems compatible, Car Accessories to suppliers, distributors, store management, so that enterprise managers understand the flow of products.

Most importantly, some well-known brands have been deeply aware of "one thing, one yard" to get through the auto parts industry chain of the ability to explore how to "one thing, Car Accessories one code" to the existing resources integration. For its brand diversity, accessories, a wide range of enterprises, in particular, hope to use "one-thing-one-yard" to achieve the internal channels and customer marketing unified management System.